About Us

MaskUP St. Pete is an inspired collection of gender neutral face mask, designed and produced in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The line was born during the Covid-19 quarantine while Ella & Jaeden were quarantined and watching the pandemics chaos unfold. With so little known about Covid-19, you could observe debate everywhere concerning wearing mask and the following panic over the lack of availability of mask. 

Looking for a solution this brand has since become Ella & Jaeden's passion project and primary focus. 

The brand is inspired by creative people who aren't afraid to let their personality shine! With it's retro, chic and comfortable silhouettes, the collection is sure to bring out your personality within! MaskUp St. Pete prides itself on comfortable cuts and unique fabrics, ranging from vintage patterns to today’s trends as well as on it's conscientiousness on it's environmental impact. 

MaskUp St. Pete is an eco-friendly brand that utilizes exciting fabrics to create unique face mask. 

With a passion for social action, Ella & Jaeden are teaming up with additional community outreach programs and donating a mask for each mask purchased from MaskUP St. Pete.

Right now, a face mask is the most important and requested piece of clothing item in our community. With new mandates being put into place with making face masks a requirement, there is always a mask in sight. Those without, are now seen as the "odd ones out". We set out to change that by donating one brand new face mask for every mask purchased. Now, because of your support, we’re able to donate a specially-designed reusable and washable mask for every one you purchase. Let’s continue to work together to generate these small acts of human kindness, and human comfort.